Unity3d & Oculus Rift / Accurate Player Height in the Rift

I've had several people tell me they feel too big, or that the space seems small to them. So I finally spent an evening doing some R&D on the issue.

Basically. The 'Skin Width' on the OVRPlayerController should be set to .001 (default is .08)
I believe this is adding some padding beneath (and all around) the player which is adding additional unwanted height. So here's to hoping that someday Oculus will adjust this as a default setting in their OculusUnityIntegration package.

Here are my notes from the evening:

Player stats -
. 6'2" Player height (set in config)
. actual real life eye to floor measurement, 5'9" (stepped on a tape measure and looked into a mirror for the height)

I built a little 3d measuring tape prefab, 7 feet high, with markers at each foot. As well as a ruler graphic with 12 inch marks, on every foot. Dropped this into my scene that was modeled to actual scale. So everything should be accurate!

Fired up the demo. Press space bar, and eye height reads as 1.776, or about 1'8"

My view of the ruler, looking straight forward, was at a height of about 6'1"

With the 'skin width' set to .001, I fire up the demo again. Eye height is now about 5'9.5"

So that's a 4.5" difference, which can make a huge difference when viewing things up close. That basically puts you in heels :D

Then I ran a few other tests, just playing around with the Character Controller's player height & radius. Basically you don't want to mess with these, but I did find that changing the height in there did have an affect on the overall height in the demo. The default is 2m height, which had given me the 6'1" viewing height. A player height of 1.5, brought me down to about 5'. And a player height of 1 m brought me down to 4'1.5"

Also I was curious about what affect the positional camera had on the player's height. As soon as the demo launches and the camera turns on, it starts calculating position, which can turn into a small or big shift in actual sense of viewing height when the headset is put on your face. What I found was that as long as you reset the view, by pressing F2, you could reset to the correct viewing height. Although it was locking up the positional tracking, which was or wasn't getting unstuck after doing a bit of voodoo swaying side to side.

I also played around with the OVRCameraController, which I use less of. Basically it has an option for 'use player eye height', which shifts the players view above the actual placement of the camera prefab in the scene. In my case it was raised about 2'10" off the ground, from a camera placed at 0. I'm guessing this i suppose to simulate a players sitting height, although for myself I feel it would need to come down 5-6 inches lower. Turning off 'use player eye height' has the viewer look from the exact position of the OVRCameraController.

I hope this helps some people, since it had been driving me a bit crazy. And now I need to update my demo!