Just wanted to leave a quick post for everyone & myself. Something that seemed to work well in my most recent tinkering.

With Unity:

Rendering Path: Forward (Since everything I'm doing at the moment is baked externally. No need for any special lighting/shadows/etc. Possibly this doesn't matter, but I thought I read on the forums somewhere that the quality anti aliasing was only working with Forward.)


Anti Aliasing, 8x Multi Sampling
Disabling shadows

Then for overkill, I put FXAA on each camera (LeftEyeAnchor & RightEyeAnchor).
I've been doing this because although at work, just having 8x Mutli Sampling was working, at home my setup still was giving me jaggy edges. Adding FXAA to the cameras resolved this.

Maybe someone can chime in and give a definitive option for smoothing aliasing in Unity for VR