4thFlrStudio | Vive edition

So I'm getting around now to posting a quick build of the 4thFlrStudio for the Vive. I think the newer headsets will start to show the poor quality of this demo now that the resolution is much improved. Either way it feels fantastic to be able to look around without the tracking breaking. My favorite thing to do now is use the camera pass-through to line up a physical chair to sit at the table. Be sure to put on headphones.

I'd love to figure out how to get contact shadows to lay over the unlit shaders - and be able to place things on the table to interact with. Sitting at that table was a very fond memory.

Grab the demo here, http://www.quitenice.co/blog/2014/8/3/4thflrstudio

I also plan to update the demo with the latest Rift sdk when my Rift arrives...