Network Render to Texture with Vray's Distributed Rendering

Another post to jot down a workflow for myself. Hopefully Chaosgroup will fix this bug but at the moment if you submit a Render to Texture job through backburner the job won't pick up the DR nodes that you want to include.

The solution (which I got from Chaosgroup's help, thanks!) is to take your local vray_dr.cfg file (which should have the list of DR nodes you want) and manually drop it into your network machine (whichever is running the job). The vray_dr.cfg file should be placed here: 

C:\Users\YOUR-USER-NAME\AppData\Local\Autodesk\3dsMax\2012 - 64bit\ENU\en-US\plugcfg

In my case I had been searching for vray_dr.cfg and found it in other folders where it looked correct, but then realized my network machine didn't have the vray_dr.cfg file in that particular folder so I copied one over and now things are working smoothly. You'll certainly want as much processing power as you can get to render those 4k or higher textures out.