Oculus GO

Hi - I’m not dead, but there hasn’t been much ground breaking stuff happening for me with VR.

I’m excited for Oculus Quest to be released and what that will do for teatherless VR. Leading up to Quest, I decided to pick up a Go despite my hatred for fixed point VR. I’m also going to play around with 360 video capture for playback in the Go. Although again, I really dislike the non parallax effect of looking at a spherical image with no depth data… but I’ll work with what I can at the moment.

So initial thoughts on the Go:

  • Lame setup via phone app

  • Nausea from smell of headset and lack of 6dof head movement

  • Annoying 10 step process to install, setup & push Unity scenes to headset. mostly the annoying point of installing this huge android development package, and then only need one tool from it. Maybe I followed the wrong tutorial for setup…

Currently building a scene in Unity that I believe will magically appear on the headset. Not a fan of having to toggle the developer mode via the phone app to get drag & drop to work with the headset (for photos/videos), and then turning developer mode on for ADB (android debug bridge) to let me push applications to the headset. I’m hoping I can delete the Unity package from the headset and not have to use the windows command line to do that.

Otherwise these days I’m working on VR scenes I can’t share. I still use my old process of baking the lighting. Otherwise I’ll throw the geometry into Unity without lighting just to get a basic feel for the space. Vray for Unreal is maybe starting to look promising - but again I do so much work in 3dsmax/vray, that any offshoot of the process just takes additional time starts to feel like a drag since projects are always evolving.