Setting up the DK2 on a RMBP


[Note: all of this exploration was done with a Retina Macbook Pro & DK2]

So this weekend I worked on getting my demo functioning with the DK2. It took quite a bit of fiddling now that there are even more options & toggles to play with. At first I had just settled for an experience that had some pretty severe stuttering, but then I found this FPS Display made by merire ( which let me drop a FPS counter into my scene to watch the frames per second. I saw numbers ranging from 30, to 60, to finally 75 fps, all through only making changes to the Rift setup and no scene optimization.

So at first I was playing around with the Rift Display Mode. 'Extend Desktop to the HMD' was where I started, but you can't see or adjust the refresh rate within Windows display options.. and my scene seemed to be locked at 60, which is the same hertz as my laptop display...

I flipped over to 'Direct HMD Acceess from Apps'

Now in Unity, I'm used to running my demos without DX11, but it seems to be essential in getting the frame rate to max out.

I had already set my quality settings to match what was suggested in the Oculus Unity Integration guide (page 10 & 11).

For the player controller, I tweaked the OVRCameraController

Turning off Mirror to Display was important, as I was seeing around 38fps with it on. As soon as I turn it off I saw a solid 75fps.

Another thing is that I can only get a visual through _DirectToRift.exe, which is fine, I just can't build&run directly from Unity. So I built and then opened up the project folder outside Unity and ran the Direct to Rift executable. This displays a black window on my laptop screen. Now when I run the regular exe (at least with my current project) I get this crazy effect (a bright white glow) that grows across the game window on my laptop screen, while the DK2 has a black screen. Otherwise I'm happy to have found something that works with my RMBP, and at least works with my fairly simple projects! Stay tuned, as I hope to release my little scene to share.